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At IDEA Public Charter School, we believe that dressing for success every day is critical to our scholars’ educational experience to prepare them for success in college, workforce, the military, and social settings.  Listed below is a summary of what we expect our scholars to wear each day.  IDEA-branded uniform items may be purchased at Risse Brothers in person at 9700 Martin Luther King Jr. Highway, Suite B, Lanham, Maryland or online at

Uniforms include the following:

  • IDEA logo gray polo or IDEA white button-down shirt (long- or short-sleeved)
  • Black or tan khaki pants or skirts
  • Any type or color of sneakers OR black dress shoes, flats, or ankle boots
  • Black belt (no fixtures attached)
  • IDEA logo fleece
  • Any head wraps must be black, white, or maroon. Religious head covering may require documentation.





  • Black or khaki in color
  • Black or khaki in style (Chino style)




  • Sweatpants, joggers
  • Leggings, spandex material
  • Exercise wear
  • Pants without belt loops (no drawstrings)
  • Denim material or denim look (must resemble slacks)
  • Elastic pants leg


  • Black or khaki in color
  • Black or khaki in style
  • Solid black, white, or maroon socks or tights


  • Pencil skirt
  • Cargo, strength, or spandex material
  • Fishnet or patterned socks or tights


  • IDEA logo gray polo
  • IDEA logo white button-down shirt (short- or long-sleeved)
  • IDEA logo fleece
  • IDEA gray sweater vest


  • T-shirts or sweatshirts
  • Shirts with writing (other than IDEA logo)


  • Any type or color of sneakers
  • Black or brown closed-toed shoes
  • No sandals or slippers of any type. Entire feet must be covered.


  • Black belt
  • Head wraps (solid black, white, or maroon)
  • Earrings must by no larger than the diameter of a quarter and extend no farther than one inch below earlobe
  • Belts with fixtures
  • Jewelry or accessories should not pose a safety hazard
  • Bandanas, hats, skull caps, satin bonnet, do-rag
  • Any accessories or jewelry deemed unsafe will be asked to be removed or confiscated

Cold weather options:  As the weather changes the building temperature changes. We recognize that students may get cold and will need additional clothing to remain in compliance with the dress code. Students will continue to have the option of purchasing an IDEA fleece or sweater. Students can also elect to wear a long sleeve solid black or solid white shirt underneath the IDEA short sleeve polo. The shirt cannot have any writing or print and should be solid in color.


If you have any questions or would like additional information, please feel free to contact one of our deans.

Dean of Culture Lori Briscoe

Dean Ulises Bengoechea