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Mr. Stevens Recognizes Scholars' Perseverance with Monthly GRIT Award

Social Studies Teacher Bill Stevens recognizes that becoming a stellar scholar takes more than just intelligence—it takes grit! Each month he presents one scholar in his Government, US History, and DC History classes with the GRIT Award to honor their diligence, commitment, and dedication. Recent award winners include these scholars, described here by Mr. Stevens.

Big ups to Shanyce Lyons for earning the GRIT Award for the month of January. Shanyce has been on time for all five Government classes we've had so far this semester. She has also turned in all five assignments we've had so far. This is what the GRIT Award winner does--they show up every day and dig in and get it done! Shanyce has been impressive so far this semester.  

Big ups to DeAndre Williams, who earned the GRIT Award for the month of January! DeAndre has consistently been in class, on time, turning in all of his assignments, and asking great questions in class! Grit is that ability to consistently roll up your sleeves, and get it done. DeAndre got GRIT!

Big ups to Angel Cheeks, who was the GRIT Award winner for the month of November! Angel was present and on time for every US History class period in the month of November. This has resulted in her turning in every assignment so far this quarter. Consequently, she is currently earning a 91%. She got grit!

Big ups to DeMilo! He received the prestigious GRIT Award for the month of November. DeMilo has become one of the most consistent students that I teach. He arrives early to class every day, often starting his Do Now before the bell even rings. He was only late to class once in the month of November. He consistently makes eye contact, participates in discussions, and volunteers to share verbally or on the board. All of this has resulted in his current 96% average. He got grit!

Big ups to Christy Jackson! At the end of last quarter, Christy made a commitment to keep her grade in the A range. She wanted to avoid the C range, because a C can drop into an F quite easily.  Despite having DC History class during first period, Christy was only late to class one day in the month of November. This commitment to being on time for class has allowed her to accomplish her goal. She is currently earning a 93%. She got grit!



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