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Scholars Use Communication and Construction Drawing Skills in Interior Elevations Exercise

Scholars in Sharonda Jones' Introduction to Academy of Construction and Design class recently experienced a unique activity that enabled them to demonstrate the construction drawing vocabulary they've learned so far this year. Communications skills were also key in the interior elevations exercise.
"The assignment required students to work in pairs, sitting across from each other and describing to their partners the wall behind them," explained Ms. Jones. "The partner then attempted to draw a sketch of the wall based on that description. Students were required to consider scale, proportion, and proximity as well as practice calm, concise, and clear direction."
When all the drawings were complete, the class worked together to try to identify the walls represented in the sketches. If they could tell which wall was featured in a drawing, the sketch was deemed a success. "The students enjoyed trying to distinguish one another's drawings and it was an interesting exercise in perspective," Ms. Jones said. "Sometimes we can all look at the same thing but see something totally different."
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