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Dexterity Driving School Partners with IDEA to Teach Driver's Ed

A rite of passage for many high school students is earning their driver’s license. To reach that milestone, however, students first have to spend time in the classroom and behind the wheel to learn the rules of the road and how to be responsible drivers. Dexterity Driving School is partnering with IDEA to provide driver’s education. 

“At IDEA we offer in-class instruction, which prepares students for the knowledge portion of the test,” explained Sharday Jones, program manager for Dexterity Driving School. “We offer discounts to IDEA students on our behind-the-wheel classes, and we hope to offer that in school in the future.”

The driver’s ed course at IDEA is a semester long, and currently includes two sections of scholars. At the end of the semester the class will take a field trip to the DC Department of Motor Vehicles to take the written test and get their learner’s permit, so they can then start to practice driving with an adult in the car. DC requires students to be 16 years old to get their learner’s permit. At 16 ½ they can earn a provisional license, with restrictions, and at 17 they are eligible for a full license. 

Dexterity Driving School has operated in the DC area for 15 years, helping students and adults learn to drive safely and responsibly. Dexterity provides driver’s education to schools and to at-risk youth who might otherwise not be able to afford the course. In years past, driver’s education was included in public school curricula, but it is not often offered anymore.  

Instructors from the school came to IDEA during a recent parent-teacher conference day to tell families what’s included in driver’s education, so they know what their children are learning and in case they’re interested in becoming licensed drivers themselves.  

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