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Congratulations to September's Scholars of the Month

Caya Flythe—12th grade (pictured top left)

“Caya was selected for being a consummate scholar. She is on time, dependable, and hungry and thirsty for knowledge. Caya has her eyes on meeting all her short-range goals and a plan to get there.She currently volunteers with the Metropolitan Police Department Fifth District as an event planner for senior citizens and youth.”

Jada Freeman--11th grade (pictured top right)
"Diligent is defined as having or showing care and conscientiousness in one's work or duties or being industrious and hard-working. Another way to define it would be Jada Freeman. She exemplifies this and many other qualities that are part of IDEA's Guiding Five Principles, like showing respect, being prepared, and being a team player. She is outstanding person and student who continues to grow."
Justin Davis--10th grade (pictured lower left)
"Justin demonstrates maturity in his behavior and has shown significant growth throughout his time at IDEA. He loves participating in JROTC and is committed to the JROTC ideals. Justin is very focused and works to change his environment for the better."

DeNay Barnes—9th grade (pictured lower right)

“DeNay is a wonderful student to have in class. She participates with thoughtful things to say and works hard at everything she does. DeNay works great with everyone in the class and is a diligent worker. She is a creative student and an outstanding role model for her classmates with her positive attitude and great work ethic. She is truly a joy to have in class!”

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