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Geometry Scholars Construct Clinometers and Put Them to Use at US Capitol

Sophomore scholars recently ventured downtown to the US Capitol to test their understanding of geometry and see its principles at work in the real world. "We were working on angles of elevation and depression, which are used to find the heights of difficult to measure objects," explained Ms. Simonsen.
Geometry scholars built clinometers--tools used to measure angles--in class before the trip. Then, working in pairs, they used their clinometers to measure the angle between line of vision and the top of the capitol. Scholars then used this information to compute a good estimate of the height of the Capitol building. They then repeated the steps to measure other objects near the Capitol.
Afterward, scholars participated in a geometry scavenger hunt to find real world examples of geometry vocabulary. All those observations and calculations made scholars hungry, and the group enjoyed lunch at We the Pizza before returning to IDEA on the Metro. 
"The students did a fantastic job working together and applying what they knew!" said Ms. Simonsen.
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