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ACAD and DC Apprenticeship Academy Celebrate National Apprenticeship Week

ACAD and the DC Students Construction Trade Foundation's DC Apprenticeship Academy celebrated National Apprenticeship Week with an event on Wednesday, November 15 that brought together industry leaders, scholars, and representatives from the DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE).

Construction companies Miller and Long Concrete and MC Dean, Inc. shared information about career pathways with scholars. The United Planning Organization and the DC Council Youth Apprenticeship Committee also participated in the event. Scholars had the opportunity to meet with corporate and civic leaders to explore post-secondary education and career options. ACAD scholars also answered questions about their own classroom projects.

John McMahon, chairman of Miller and Long and the DC Students Construction Trades Foundation, and Bill Dean, chief executive officer of MC Dean, Inc and board member of DCSCTF, also attended the event and took time to engage in meaningful conversations with IDEA scholars. 

Then on Friday of the same week, Romina Byrd, education director at Miller and Long Concrete, returned to IDEA for Workforce Friday. Ms. Byrd engaged scholars during both lunch periods and shared information about the history of M&L, as well as different kinds of careers, salaries, education opportunities and so much more.

Ms. Byrd is also president of National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), Greater Washington, DC Chapter and a yoga expert, who is interested in sharing and teaching meditation skills to students and staff here at IDEA.

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