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Sophomore Jesus Douglas Wins Poetry Contest

IDEA Sophomore Jesus Douglas received a $100 gift card for his winning entry in a 9/11 poetry contest sponsored by the Edison Electric Institute. "In his profound and deeply resonating 40-line free verse poem, Jesus elaborates on the impact that 9/11 had on American citizens," explained his English teacher Natalie Hinds. 
Read Jesus' poem here. 

9/11 Poem

Cause and Effect  by:Jesus K-Douglas     


A time like no other a time to forget

struck fear in our hearts we'll never forget

everyone lost and scared for their lives

some people can't make it back to their wives

it's hard for me to try and ignore

how times were like before

today security is tighter

and everyone is looking over their shoulders

today we are scared

more precautious we can't trust anymore

therefore we are meaner.

cant even change our demeanor

we are now an all for ourselves country

and it's a sad sight but true 

and of course i wish there was more i could do


That's the idea there's always a moment

a moment that will make us stay guarded forever

and never truly enjoy life

different expirences different days

my grandfather died on 9/11

and it changed my mom in various ways

she's so overprotective of all her children

but in a world like this i can see why

everyone has trust issues 

after 9/11 people lost a lot of family members

and a lot of people were mourning 

but it sucks to think one of their family members

wont see another morning


past events dont stay in the past

they hurt the future to

we make rules and safety regulations

based on pass mistakes

we try so hard to make this whole country safe

but the truth is the damage is done

no one will truly feel safe

there will always be an uneasy tension 

a tension so immense 

people might accuse people based on race

Say what you want im not here to dwell 

the buidling wasn't the only to fall



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