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Construction I Students Take Picnic Table Challenge

Construction teacher Ian Milne had carefully taught his students to follow the plans to build picnic tables, showing them which tools to use, supervising their sawing and nailing, and guiding them through the process. After he was convinced that they knew what they were doing, he presented a challenge. Build a table in your group without any assistance from him. Actually, he would answer one question from each group each day. Otherwise they were on their own. 
After students had built their tables, teachers from throughout the school came in to assess the tables and ask their builders questions about the process. Based on an evaluation rubric created by Milne, teachers scored each group's table. The winning group earned the privilege of shaving Milne's head.
The tables are for sale for $200 each. The class has already sold three tables and has several more ready to go and pieces for even more tables ready to assemble. A model table is on display on the roof of WS Jenks & Son Hardware. The class's next project will be building kid-sized picnic tables, which will sell for $100.
If you're interested in purchasing a table, contact Ian Milne at
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