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IDEA Creates Student Council

Vice Principal Shomari Jennings asked scholars who were interested to write an essay about what they wanted the council to accomplish and why they were a good choice to represent their classmates. From those essays, Mr. Jennings chose six scholars to represent the student body, two representatives from each of the three lower grades: freshmen, sophomore, and junior.
"Our scholars represent a diverse range of aptitudes, interests, and ideas. By choosing scholars who are capable of taking on this responsibility and who are willing to help make IDEA an excellent learning and social environment, we give them an opportunity to excel as leaders," Mr. Jennings said.
After participating in teamwork and problem solving exercises in a nearby Escape Room, council members got down to work looking at what is needed and what goals they would like to accomplish. Two needs emerged from their meetings to date:
  • Lunch time: With COVID restrictions and the renovation of the cafeteria, scholars have needed to eat lunch in their classrooms. IDEA recently introduced outdoor lunch periods to invite socializing and provide a break outdoors. Council members plan to offer more ideas for how to make lunch periods more social.
  • Reducing paper use: Junior Jaila Walker introduced a proposal to reduce paper use. 
The council will solicit input from their classmates via a survey and informal conversations with their peers, asking specifically about how they like outdoor lunch and other ideas they have.
"Since the council began its work, I have heard from a number of other scholars expressing interest, which is very good news. In the 2022-23 school year, we plan to add two freshmen to the council," Mr. Jennings noted.
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