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Garden Interns Harvest Vegetables and Planted Seeds

Under the guidance of Anacostia Aquaponics Director Brian Filipowich, IDEA scholars got their hands dirty this summer growing food for the school community. 
"Students learned the basics of growing vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers," Filipowich explained. "Students tasted the vegetables and prepared them to let the staff taste." Vegetables were grown in garden beds that had been built by scholars in construction technology classes. 
Later in the summer, garden interns worked together to assemble a hydroponic grow tower. "Students got to pick plants they wanted to grow and germinate seeds," Filipowich said. 
Interns also helped move the school garden from the side of the school currently under construction to the rain garden in front of the school. 
Scholars working in IDEA's gardens this summer were
  • Adein Drake
  • Amor Carrington
  • Mark Hudgens
  • Nadiyah Moore
  • Nehemiah Johnson
  • Quera Simms
  • Serenity Shamburger
  • Shanell Fairley
During the school year, scholars interested in food production, gardening, and aquaponics will have the opportunity to continue cultivating IDEA's gardens and sharing their bounty with the community. 
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