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Congratulations to Our May 2021 Scholars of the Month

12th Grade | Giovanni Greene

Giovanni, who we know as Gio, consistently exceeds expectations and delivers high quality work. Gio understands that there is no limit to success and is willing to go beyond just completing work to take advantage of opportunities and programs available to scholars. Gio is always respectful to his peers and his teachers and he will always reach out to his teachers if has questions to clarify and understand the task in front of him. Gio is a wonderful role model and we are pleased to recognize Gio as scholar of the month.  

11th Grade | Nicholas Graves

Nicholas has made major improvements in his attendance, participation, and work completion this year. He shows up, participates, attends tutoring and advocates for himself when he does not understand the lesson or needs assistance. He is crushing his current "We Are the Great Migration" assignment in US History and  has shown grit and determination in his genealogical research, which is not easy! He has also greatly improved his attendance and participation in Algebra 2 and Principles of Business and Marketing where he has been an asset to his product team. Way to go Nick!

10th Grade | Delante Drayton

Delante has been an exceptional student in all of his classes this month. His determination, his attention to his participation, and attendance have garnered much notice from all those involved. We as a 10th grade team recognize how much he has improved from year to year and will continue to cheer him as he grows into an outstanding young man. We look forward to Delante leading the 10th grade into the stretch run of the school year by continuing to show his determination for success, his proud demeanor, and his desire to be great. GOOOOO Dee Double!

9th Grade | De'Mar Jackson

De’Mar has shown tremendous improvement within the past month: coming into the building for Learning at IDEA, attending classes more frequently, and submitting high-quality work. De’Mar has a unique and practical insight that enhances discussions. He has been working hard to show up more consistently and it has positively impacted his grade and his understanding of course content. Keep up the great work De’Mar!

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