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More Scholars Invited to Return to IDEA School Building

While IDEA has been operating some in-person learning since October, now that many of our staff members are vaccinated, we are able to increase our in-person support. Beginning this week, any scholar who wishes to participate in virtual learning in our school building may do so. Scholars will be assisted by IDEA staff members or educators from Enrich. Scholars may attend school in person from 10am to 3pm Tuesdays and Thursdays with scheduled breaks. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. Scholars must register a week in advance to secure their in-person spot for the following week.

As DC Health and the CDC continue to revise their guidelines for school safety during the pandemic, IDEA is committed to adhering to all recommendations and practicing safe protocols for scholars and staff. Please let us know if you have any questions about our in-person programming.

Upcoming In-Person Learning

Dates: March 16, 18, 23, 25, 30, April 1

Time: 10am - 3pm
10:00 - 11:30 am - Block 1
11:30 - 11:45 am - Break
11:45 - 1:15 pm - Block 2 & lunch
1:15 - 1:30 pm - Break
1:30 - 2:00 pm - Homework
2:00 - 3:00 pm - Office Hours or FEV

Scholars must sign up by Thursday of the previous week using this link
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