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Congratulations to Our February 2021 Scholars of the Month!

12th Grade | Demetri Howard
Demetri Howard has remained consistent in his academic excellence throughout the virtual learning experience. Not only does his attitude toward learning online remain positive, his gentle giant nature commands respect when participating in academic discourse. He continues to actively participate in the learning experience by having his camera on, advocating for himself by asking questions, and frequently attending tutoring sessions. His involvement in extracurricular activities prior to Covid-19 involved participating and coordinating all staff vs. student games, serviing as a member of the sports management team as a volleyball line referee, and playing on IDEA’s baseball team. During virtual learning, he actively participates in e-Sports. Demetri continues to demonstrate IDEA’s Guiding 5 Principles. He is prepared to learn, respects himself and others, takes responsibility for his actions and learning, works together with his peers, and celebrates individual and collective success.
11th Grade | Donte Jackson
Donte is excelling in virtual learning. He is passing all of his classes and has 100% assignment completion rate in most of them. He is an active participant in the chat during class and speaks up when he needs assistance. Quiet but resilient, Donte demonstrates IDEA’s Guiding 5 Principles daily. He is always prepared for class and ready to learn. He respects himself and others. He takes responsibility for his learning by attending and participating in class. He is also the first junior to finish his Q2 Portfolio Reflection, record it, and send it to all of his teachers. Donte is a joy to have in any class and is very deserving of being the 11th grade Scholar of the Month.

10th Grade | Dajah Robinson

Dajah has made really huge strides in her transition to virtual learning this school year.  She has become more engaged during discussions in class, will seek help and attend office hours when needed. Dajah has made a lot of progress with self advocacy, self determination, and self discipline. We as a 10th grade staff are very proud of her progress and look forward to her success in her future efforts. Keep going and make us proud!
9th Grade | Miguel Marquez
Miguel shows consistency in submitting all coursework. His identity statement in English exceeded expectations as he intentionally shared personal struggles he deals with while trying to navigate this world. His paragraph was used as a model for both the Tuesday and Thursday English I classes and was well-received by his peers. He frequents Spanish office hours and checks in with his teachers on any missing assignments. Miguel is often the life of the party during Pathways. He is full of energy and helps to make his Den a fun place to be. He shows resilience during distance learning and for that he deserves this Scholar of the Month acknowledgement.
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