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Virtual Career Expo Brings Successful Local Professionals from Diverse Fields

Virtual Career Expo, February 23-25, 2021

We have an exciting offering in the works this week -- the Quarter 3 Virtual Career Expo!

WHAT: This week, you will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with EIGHT career professionals over THREE days. This is your chance to ask any question you want. This will be a graded English assignment. You can check out a mix of live and on-demand videos to explore careers.

Make plans to see at least THREE speakers in order to get full credit on your English assignment.

HOW: Join this Zoom link to participate in the live videos. Check out our on-demand videos here. (Click "Career Introduction Videos")

Here's the line-up for our live presenters:

Tuesday, 2-2:45

  • Caroline Kenney (Real Estate): Come learn about what it's like to manage $3 billion real estate projects across the DMV. 
  • Cooking with Camacho (Entrepreneurship): Check out a cooking demo with our very own Coach Camacho while hearing about his entrepreneurial passions.

Wednesday, 1-1:45

  • Darrel Holnes (Playwright) and Jocelyn Short (Illustrator): Join us for a talk that merges art and technology! This playwright has turned his stage play into a video game and this illustrator  is helping bring his creation to life. 
  • Charles Wright (Federal Government): Hear how the United States helps refugees from around the world find new homes in our country.

Wednesday, 2-2:45

  • Twain Carter (Information Technology): Learn how the government makes sure its employees are able to share information and work remotely.
  • Sabrae Demby (Cosmetology): One of the hottest barbers in the DMV is Sabrae Demby, a woman who is making big moves in a male-dominated field.

Thursday, 1-1:45

  • Bianca Turner (Entrepreneur): Find out how this small business owner has kept her company thriving in the pandemic
  • Karla Evans (Health Sciences): Learn how this pharmacist has helped keep our communities healthy and strong. 
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