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Congratulations to Our October 2020 Scholars of the Month!

October 2020 Scholars of the Month

12th Grade | Tiffany Rowland
Tiffany Rowland has definitely been the model senior this school year. She has been crushing this virtual learning experience since the start. Not only has she made a 180 degree academic turn from last year, but she has recommitted herself to academic excellence. Her instructors have been wowed by her perseverance, dedication, and leadership. Tiffany participates in all her courses by answering and asking questions, motivating her classmates, and volunteering to present which adds to the value of the class. She is actively engaged during classroom discussions by having her camera on and participating in academic discourse. Not only is she on track to graduate on time, but she looks forward to attending college after graduation. Because she believes she is a social butterfly, interacting, socializing, and helping people is leading her to pursue a career in social work. Tiffany has definitely exemplified IDEA’s Guiding Five Principles: being prepared to learn, respecting others, showing responsibility, working well with others, and celebrating individual and collective successes.

11th Grade | London Clarke
London Clarke is a dedicated student who takes her education seriously. She asks questions and advocates for herself as needed. She is insightful, thoughtful, and respectful.  She is always on time, prepared, always ready to share and contribute in her live zoom classes. London does her very best on every assignment. Her active participation in Peer Group Connections has provided her excellent skills to become a role model for her fellow students. She exemplifies outstanding character here at IDEA. All of these things and more make London Clarke the Scholar of the Month! Keep up the great work!

10th Grade | J’La Williams
J'la Williams exemplifies being responsible and working together. You can count on her to do her work, ask questions and be engaged during virtual learning. She is also willing to volunteer and help out. She continues to be a mainstay at tutoring and can always be found in the midst of this virtual learning environment. J’La is kindhearted and eager to learn. The team looks forward to watching her grow academically.  

9th Grade | Omarion Brodie
Want to get to know a scholar who is determined to do his absolute best in the midst of a pandemic that has turned learning upside down? Well, let us introduce you to Omarion Brodie, the 9th grade Scholar of the Month! Omarion is a scholar who knows how to make the most of challenging situations, sets goals for himself and does the work to accomplish them, reaches out for support when needed, consistently engages in the learning environment, and is always ready to celebrate the accomplishments of fellow Timberwolves! When Omarion is not being a rockstar in the classroom he can probably be found playing video games or perfecting his coffee game! Omarion, we are proud of you and look forward to continuing to watch you shine!

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