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Parent Spotlight: Charron Myles, Parent Member of IDEA Board of Trustees

Charron Myles has been hands-on in her children’s education from when they were in Head Start through high school.

“I’ve always been involved,” she explained. “I always play a vital role in my community.”

Ms. Myles’ daughter Diamond is a junior at IDEA. She enrolled at IDEA as a sophomore after her former school closed. Ms. Myles allowed Diamond to choose her next school, and Diamond chose IDEA. “She loves the school,” Ms. Myles said. “She loves the fact that it’s small and not overcrowded, and she loves the teachers because they’re helpful and understanding.”

It’s important for parents to set the tone for their children to value education and contributing to the community, Ms. Myles emphasized. “If you’re concerned about your children’s education, they can do nothing but stay focused. They understand life is not just about fun and games. You have to give back.”

Ms. Myles previously worked in education, as well as serving as a volunteer. She was a teaching assistant for DC Public Schools from 1988 to 1996. She has also worked at the post office and returned to school as an adult student, taking early childhood education classes at the University of the District of Columbia and Prince George’s Community College. In addition to volunteering with local schools, she has helped her community through the pandemic by distributing produce with the nonprofit organization Martha’s Table. “When they need people to step in and be a part of activities, I do,” she said.

When IDEA invited Ms. Myles to join the Board of Trustees this year as a parent member, she gladly accepted the responsibility. “I want to get more parents involved in the school. If you’ve got 250 children in the school, there should be 250 adults coming to meetings and events.” Ms. Myles plans to solicit suggestions from parents about what would engage them more in school life. “The first thing is to build relationships with parents and the community. I will reach out to let them know how crucial it is to be part of their children’s educational journey. When children see their parents are part of their school community, that makes them more determined to succeed. We need to let our children know education matters, it is powerful, and they can use it to change the world.”

“In certain wards of the District there is a lack of parent involvement,” Ms. Myles said. “If you can get out when there’s a party, you can come when there’s a meeting. Everyone loves a celebration. But school is a celebration too. There have been so many obstacles that our children have overcome and there are still things we’re dealing with. We need to celebrate our achievements by being involved.”

Thank you for your service to the IDEA community, Ms. Myles!

Next month we will introduce you to our other parent board member, Sheewana Kerns.

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