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Congratulations to Our December Scholars of the Month

12th Grade | Jeremiah Holmes

Jeremiah is off to an amazing start for his senior year. Not only is he a member of IDEA’s track team, but also a member and spokesperson for the Green Entrepreneurs club. His SAT score propelled him to the “Reaching For The Stars” category. Jeremiah’s positive and calm personality makes him approachable and likable by all who encounter him. His outstanding grades have earned him the distinct honor of not only being on IDEA’s Honor Roll several times, but also on the Principal's List. Jeremiah truly exemplifies IDEA Public Charter School’s Five Guiding Principles: being prepared to learn, respecting others, responsible, working well with others, and celebrating individual and collective successes.  

11th Grade | Dianshe Robinson

Dianshe Robinson is an outstanding example of what an IDEA scholar can be. She consistently ranks near the top of her class in grade point average and and her attitude and effort level are consistently on point. She attacks difficult problems tenaciously and takes her learning seriously. She has blossomed into a leader in the Peer Group Connections program and on the basketball court. She stands out as one of the most well-rounded, mature, and good-natured students on campus. Dianshe rocks!

10th Grade | Shanell D. Fairley-Moody

Shanell exemplifies everything a Timberwolf should be! She works hard, helps those around her, and has a positive attitude even when things are challenging. Shanell encourages her peers to do their best and isn't afraid to try new things. She is always pushing herself to do the best she can and asks great questions that further her learning. Shanell is willing to go the extra mile and her dedication to the guiding five principles inspires those around her to do the same. All of these things and more make Shanell December's Scholar of the Month!  

9th Grade | Miprecious Coley

Miprecious is an amazing student who is always on top of her work and comes to class prepared to learn. Even when she has an A in a class, she is always looking to do more. When she is absent she is responsible and makes sure she gets any work she has missed and turns it in within the week. She is respectful to all teachers and staff. She will help her classmates to make sure they understand the concepts being taught and celebrates herself and others when they do well. Miprecious is on her way to a very bright future!

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