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History Scholars Reenact the Constitutional Convention of 1787--with a Twist

After three weeks of preparing, scholars re-enacted the Constitutional Convention of 1787. Each scholar researched their role, developed alliances, and used Robert's Rules of Order to create a Constitution just like the real Constitutional Convention of 1787. 
"The big difference was that in addition to the original bankers, plantation owners, and merchants, we invited Native Americans, women, enslaved people, and free black and white indentured servants to our convention," explained IDEA history teacher Bill Stevens. "After a 90-minute convention, our Constitution banned slavery in all states, gave women the right to vote, and gave Native Americans the complete control of land. It was a great lesson in not only history, but also the process in which important legislative decisions are made. Students did a great job and I couldn't be prouder!"
The idea for this lesson came to Mr. Stevens from the Zinn Education Project, which Mr. Stevens has created lessons for as well. 
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