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Karaoke, Selfies, Basketball, and Jeopardy Help Seniors Prepare for SAT

On October 4, several IDEA staff members and 42 seniors spent the night in IDEA’s gym. They weren’t running laps or practicing for basketball season, but they were warming up for the SAT. Scholars danced, took pictures in the photo booth, sang trap karaoke, and participated in a talent show. They did get a little time on the court in a mini basketball tournament, but the big event was SAT Jeopardy! to help them get ready for the practice SAT test they took at IDEA the following morning. Experts recommend taking at least one practice test before the official test to make sure you understand the test format and know what areas you need to study more before the real test.

Seniors took the actual SAT on October 16 and will be eligible for intensive SAT help in school if they would like to improve their scores and take the test again in the spring.

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