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Congratulations to the September Scholars of the Month

12th Grade | Renikka Robinson

Renikka Robinson is off to an awesome start to her senior year. She continues to demonstrate her leadership qualities both inside and outside the classroom. Renikka’s maturity in managing the stressful demands of carrying a full-time course load and participating in several extracurricular activities--including as a Peer Group Connection peer leader, Urban Alliance intern, and concession stand volunteer--reveals her determination and tenacity. Renikka is highly motivated to be a successful student and exemplifies IDEA’s Five Guiding Principles: being prepared to learn, respecting others, being responsible, working well with others, and celebrating individual and collective successes.

11th Grade | Giovanni Green

Gio is an exemplary junior here at IDEA. He currently has a 3.56 GPA and is a diligent and careful thinker. He's appreciated by students and teachers alike for his strong work ethic and friendly personality. Gio runs track, supports the success of his peers in and out of the classroom, and brings loads of positivity to the 11th grade! Way to start the year strong, Gio!

10th Grade | Diamond Hoston

Always in tune and exemplifying IDEA’s Guiding Five Principles, Diamond is a true shining star of the 10th grade. His classmates describe him as easy to get along with and helpful to other students in the classroom. Congratulations on Diamond for being the 10th Grade Scholar of the Month!

9th Grade | Cyrus Dingle

Cyrus is the first student to arrive to homeroom every day. He consistently checks in about his grades, never wanting to have below a B in any class. He is quiet but is an excellent student. Cyrus always has a positive attitude and demonstrates patience, hard work, and the desire to do well. He is always respectful and focused in the classroom and never lets others around him influences his character. Instead he exemplifies leadership characteristics. He epitomizes a scholar here at IDEA.

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