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Seventy Summer School Success Stories

Sometimes the smaller classes and one-on-one attention from teachers are just what a scholar needs to master a subject they struggled with during the school year. 

"Many students who experienced difficulties focusing during the school year are doing exceptionally well in summer school," said Dean Lori Briscoe. "Students who arrived late during the year are the first ones to get here during summer school. They are motivated and driven. Even in the heat and the rain, students have showed up and are engaged and productive."

Two seniors--Malik Barnes and Anthony Crump--have already finished the credits they needed to complete to graduate and will be participating in DC Public Schools' Rainbow Graduation ceremony in August. 

Seventy-one scholars are currently enrolled in summer school at IDEA, expecting to earn credits by the end of next week that will enable them to stay on track with their grade-level peers in the fall. 

Dean Briscoe explained that summer school success is based in part on teachers' use of data to drive classroom instruction. "We look at areas where they were challenged during the school year and structure lessons based on exactly what they need to know, to strengthen their competency and build their confidence," she said.

Congratulations to all of our summer scholars on your hard work!

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