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April Scholars of the Month

9th grade | Donte Jackson

Donte Jackson is a very hard-working student and is always willing to participate in class. He does a great job of staying on task and completing his classwork and homework in a timely manner. Donte works well with others in class and is always willing to assist those around him if they need it. He is very polite, and usually says “thank you” on his way out the door at the end of class. For all these reasons and more, Donte is more than worthy of being April's 9th grade student of the month. Congratulations Donte! 

10th grade | Tyler Newton

Tyler has made exceptional strides in geometry with his consistent effort and attention to detail. Tyler has propelled through his challenges since the beginning of the year by attending a majority of our Saturday school sessions and staying after school when necessary, for extra needed attention. Tyler's been exemplary as both a student academically and as a citizen in the school community. I am proud to be his teacher and to have had small hand in his growth.   

11th | Shane Townsend

The 11th grade team is proud to celebrate Shane for the scholar of the month for April. He is respectful to all community members. He takes responsible for his personal work and works well with others every day. Shane goes above and beyond with his classes and on the baseball team. We look forward in seeing him grow into the great leader we know he is.

12th | TaVon Ashton

TaVon has grown by leaps and bounds. His determination to finish strong has been evident during this past year more than years past. He is concerned about turning in assignments on time, getting his community service hours in on time. TeVon has grown through adversities while remaining positive and focused. TaVon has a desire to complete college with a degree in business and have multiple streams of income. This young scholar has written a book and has sold copies on Amazon. He also working on his real estate license and other business ventures. He is determined and goal oriented.

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