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Glenstone Museum Welcomes Scholars to Experience "Art, Architecture, and Landscape"

Nine ACAD scholars had the opportunity to visit the Glenstone Museum in Potomac, Maryland on April 12 to participate in a unique experience integrating "art, architecture, and landscape within a serene and contemplative environment," according to the museum's mission.
The tour was led by Glenstone's Landscape Superintendent Eric Love and Director of Design and Development Valentina Nahon. Glenstone's Community Outreach Coordinator Peter Ibenana visited IDEA a few days earlier to prepare the scholars for their visit.
Glenstone's creators--Emily and Mitch rales envisioned the museum as "not only as a place, but a state of mind created by the energy of architecture, the power of art, and the restorative qualities of nature," according to the museum's website. The name Glenstone comes from Glen Road, where the museum is located, and the carderock stone indigenous to the area.
Deanwood native and landscape architect Kendra Hyson, who has worked with IDEA scholars throughout the school year, arranged the field trip. 
Sharonda Jones, who teaches ACAD's Introduction to Construction & Design class, accompanied the scholars and led a discussion about what they were experiencing at Glenstone and how it related to what they are learning in the classroom. 
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