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Five Guiding Principles

Five Guiding Principles for Scholars
Each scholar is an important and valued member of the IDEA community. In order to be a community member in good standing, each scholar must embody in word and action these principles that guide who we are and how we behave as members of the IDEA community:
  • We are prepared to learn and do our best.
  • We respect ourselves, each other, and our community.
  • We take responsibility for our actions and learning.
  • We work together to resolve challenges in thoughtful and meaningful ways.
  • We celebrate our individual and collective successes.

Five Guiding Principles for Faculty

Every staff member is an important and valued member of the IDEA community. In order to be an effective leader of the IDEA community, each staff member must consistently embed these leadership principles into their daily practice as a professional:

  • We use data to inform our practice.
  • We apply and model clear, effective communication techniques with all stakeholders.
  • We incorporate adult learning practices within and across teams to foster collaboration and critical thinking.
  • We give meaningful feedback (verbal and written) to colleagues to enhance performance.
  • We make real world and personal connections with all stakeholders to build strong relationships.