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Congratulations to Our October 2021 Scholars of the Month

12th Grade | Shanell Fairley

Shanell Fairley is an outstanding scholar who demonstrates both academic excellence and career readiness. As a teaching assistant to Dr. Evans-Smith and Ms. Zimmermann, she is highly responsible and effective. She can be given any task - no matter how vague - and accomplish it with the professionalism of a seasoned professional. As a teaching assistant for Ms. Green, she has helped create a welcoming environment by decorating the classroom with business related materials. As a scholar, Shanell excels academically. She is a star in her classes and is on top of her responsibilities as a senior. She models IDEA’s Guiding Five Principles daily. Way to go Shanell!

11th Grade | Desteny Cole

Desteny Cole has remained consistent in her academic excellence throughout her high school career. She is currently enrolled in Mr. Sheehan’s Honors English III course, which is also Literature and Humanities Course through Bard College. She also took courses at the University of the District of Columbia last year. As a standout student in her Child Development class, Desteny was offered the opportunity to intern at School Without Walls. Not only is Desteny a star student academically, she is also involved in several extracurricular activities. She was a member of the cheerleading squad and is a current member of IDEA’s volleyball team. As a member of Peer Group Connection, she displays her leadership qualities by actively participating in the learning experience by asking questions and advocating for herself. Desteny continues to demonstrate IDEA’s Guiding 5 Principles-- she is prepared to learn, respects herself and others, takes responsibility for her actions and learning, works together with her peers, and celebrates individual and collective success.

10th Grade | Anya Beckwith

Anya Bethweith is a motivated young lady who often keeps to herself and completes most assignments independently. However, she is always willing to help her classmates and takes the initiative in the classroom. Currently, Anya is passing all of her classes and appears to be approaching the honor roll for this quarter. She is a leader at the school and in the IDEA community.

9th Grade | Kanye Coates

Kanye Coates has been a standout student since the first day of the semester. He is a true scholar who is dedicated to his education. Kanye has made his presence well-known to all of his teachers and his personality in the classroom shines. Positive, focused, and a leader are just a few words you could use to describe Kanye. You can often see him in the building after school talking with his teachers, finishing his assignments, and making sure he fully understands the material given to him. Kanye is an exemplary scholar who demonstrates the guiding 5 principles every single day. He takes ownership of his own learning and positively adds to the classroom.

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