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Scholars of the Month

12th Grade | Jeremiah Holmes

Jeremiah is off to an amazing start for his senior year. Not only is he a member of IDEA’s track team, but also a member and spokesperson for the Green Entrepreneurs club. His SAT score propelled him to the “Reaching For The Stars” category. Jeremiah’s positive and calm personality makes him approachable and likable by all who encounter him. His outstanding grades have earned him the distinct honor of not only being on IDEA’s Honor Roll several times, but also on the Principal's List. Jeremiah truly exemplifies IDEA Public Charter School’s Five Guiding Principles: being prepared to learn, respecting others, responsible, working well with others, and celebrating individual and collective successes.  

11th Grade | Dianshe Robinson

Dianshe Robinson is an outstanding example of what an IDEA scholar can be. She consistently ranks near the top of her class in grade point average and and her attitude and effort level are consistently on point. She attacks difficult problems tenaciously and takes her learning seriously. She has blossomed into a leader in the Peer Group Connections program and on the basketball court. She stands out as one of the most well-rounded, mature, and good-natured students on campus. Dianshe rocks!

10th Grade | Shanell D. Fairley-Moody

Shanell exemplifies everything a Timberwolf should be! She works hard, helps those around her, and has a positive attitude even when things are challenging. Shanell encourages her peers to do their best and isn't afraid to try new things. She is always pushing herself to do the best she can and asks great questions that further her learning. Shanell is willing to go the extra mile and her dedication to the guiding five principles inspires those around her to do the same. All of these things and more make Shanell December's Scholar of the Month!  

9th Grade | Miprecious Coley

Miprecious is an amazing student who is always on top of her work and comes to class prepared to learn. Even when she has an A in a class, she is always looking to do more. When she is absent she is responsible and makes sure she gets any work she has missed and turns it in within the week. She is respectful to all teachers and staff. She will help her classmates to make sure they understand the concepts being taught and celebrates herself and others when they do well. Miprecious is on her way to a very bright future!

November Scholars of the Month


Renae’ Roach | 12th Grade

Renae’ is the turnaround kid. Renae’ has decided that she has goals and aspirations regardless of what it may look like to outsiders. She is determined and focused on succeeding. Renae’ has fostered meaningful relationships with staff and her peers. Although she has had her share of dark days and clouds, each day she enters the building she allows the sun to shine through her. She is always lending a helping hand, sharing her story with other scholars who may feel as if there is no hope. Not only has Renae’ been accepted into three colleges so far and did well on the SAT test, but she also is currently on the Principal’s Honor Roll. Her future looks both bright and promising. Renae’ guides with five every day. 


Skyler Wood | 11th Grade 

Skyler Wood has taken her new school by storm. She's regularly one of the most attentive, engaged, and conscientious scholars in class, and she brings a unique perspective to class discussions. Her tenacity when she tackles difficult tasks is top notch. Her teachers and peers alike appreciate her positive attitude and genuine good nature.


Darrien Ruth | 10th Grade 

Darrien is an exceptional example of a diligent worker who takes everything he does above and beyond expectations. He actively participates in group discussions and can often be relied on to know the answer to a difficult question when nobody else does. Darrien produces high level of quality and effort with all he does. In addition to working well with others, he adds positive energy to the academic environment. Darrien exemplifies what it means to guide with five.


Donya Pimble | 9th Grade 

Donya is a hard worker, especially in Algebra 1 and Math Resource. He is adored by his teachers and strives to improve by asking questions and using his resources. He has shown improvement throughout this year both in academics and confidence. Donya is prepared, respectful toward his teachers and peers, and with a little encouragement is responsible for his work and his assignments. We are very proud of him!  

October Scholars of the Month

12th Grade | Raven Carter
Raven Carter is so well respected by all those who know her that she was the clear and unanimous choice for October’s Scholar of the Month. Though it has been true since her ninth-grade year, this October Raven’s efforts to make herself, her school, and her community a better place were especially evident. Though she is currently earning all A’s and B’s, it is more impressive the way she encourages and supports her peers to push themselves academically as well. She has taken her interest in Academy of Construction and Design classes to a new level by participating in Studio DC, an architectural landscape program for high school students through Design Virtue and the National Building Museum, as she is passionately pursuing her career interest in construction design. Raven is authentically interested in and concerned about her community, which is appreciated by all those who find themselves within Raven’s engaged and positive orbit.  
11th Grade | Aviyana Green
Aviyana Green has been unanimously chosen as the October scholar of the month. Avi is the scholarly embodiment of IDEA's Five Guiding Principles. She is prepared to do her best each and every day, as demonstrated by her 3.99 cumulative GPA, putting her at the top of her class. Through every interaction, she treats her peers and environment with the highest levels of respect. By attending office hours, asking questions, and constantly staying on top of her academic obligations, Avi takes complete responsibility for her actions and learning. She is a reliable friend to her peers and is always willing to work together to assist anyone in any situation. Avi recognizes that her success as an individual contributes to and is supported by the collective success of the IDEA community at large. Congratulations to Aviyana Green for being selected as the scholar of the month!
10th Grade | Kyree Bass

Kyree Bass is a hard-working, expressive, and creative student who embodies the IDEA's Five Guiding Principles and our school's mission. Kyree was selected to represent IDEA PCS this May in the three-day Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership  program held at the George Washington University. She is always celebrating others and continually keeps a positive attitude!

9th Grade | Destiny Cole
Destiny Cole is a bright young lady who had no hesitations about sharing her academic aspirations of being a straight A student in high school. She is a true student athlete who is a strong volleyball player and fully understands the concept of being a team player. She takes initiative to be an leader in the classroom by either helping her peers or assisting her teachers. Destiny is not only a star student because of her intellectual ability and drive but also the nature of her character. 

September Scholars of the Month

12th Grade | Renikka Robinson

Renikka Robinson is off to an awesome start to her senior year. She continues to demonstrate her leadership qualities both inside and outside the classroom. Renikka’s maturity in managing the stressful demands of carrying a full-time course load and participating in several extracurricular activities--including as a Peer Group Connection peer leader, Urban Alliance intern, and concession stand volunteer--reveals her determination and tenacity. Renikka is highly motivated to be a successful student and exemplifies IDEA’s Five Guiding Principles: being prepared to learn, respecting others, being responsible, working well with others, and celebrating individual and collective successes.

11th Grade | Giovanni Green

Gio is an exemplary junior here at IDEA. He currently has a 3.56 GPA and is a diligent and careful thinker. He's appreciated by students and teachers alike for his strong work ethic and friendly personality. Gio runs track, supports the success of his peers in and out of the classroom, and brings loads of positivity to the 11th grade! Way to start the year strong, Gio!

10th Grade | Diamond Hoston

Always in tune and exemplifying IDEA’s Guiding Five Principles, Diamond is a true shining star of the 10th grade. His classmates describe him as easy to get along with and helpful to other students in the classroom. Congratulations on Diamond for being the 10th Grade Scholar of the Month!

9th Grade | Cyrus Dingle

Cyrus is the first student to arrive to homeroom every day. He consistently checks in about his grades, never wanting to have below a B in any class. He is quiet but is an excellent student. Cyrus always has a positive attitude and demonstrates patience, hard work, and the desire to do well. He is always respectful and focused in the classroom and never lets others around him influences his character. Instead he exemplifies leadership characteristics. He epitomizes a scholar here at IDEA.