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Scholars and Staff of the Month

November Scholars of the Month

Aireana Pimble-12th grade

Aireana has grown by leaps and bounds over this school year. Her level of motivation has hit the stars. She is applying to colleges, having thought-provoking conversations in classrooms, and getting serious about her future aspiration to own her own hair salon and spa.

Tyanna Jones-11th grade

Ty Jones is an enthusiastic student whose engagement not only helps her learn more in the classroom, but pushes others to learn more as well. Ty is appreciated by students and teachers alike because her enthusiasm is contagious. For example, in US History she is earning a 94% and was one of the first students to finish the upcoming project, "Does Abraham Lincoln deserve the title Great Emancipator?" In class she has led by example and the entire class benefits from her ability to work with, encourage, and lead others.

Trejure McLean-10th grade

Trejure is a selfless, quiet academic powerhouse who maintains a 3.2 GPA and earned a 4 on the English portion of the PARCC exam last year. Trejure passed the Accuplacer exam at the University of the District of Columbia, demonstrating eligibility to take college classes while still in high school. She is always prepared and ready to help others.

Christian Douglass—9th grade

Christian Douglas is an excellent student and peer. He is very responsible, motivated, and passionate student. He comes to school every day with a smile, an excitement for learning and the dedication for going above and beyond.

October Scholars of the Month
Here’s what IDEA teachers and staff had to say about our October scholars of the month:

Mekhi McKinney--12th grade


Mekhi is a leader on the varsity basketball team and was recently inducted into the National Honor Society. He is a member of the Student Government Association and a team player in every respect. He has already been accepted to several colleges and universities including Harrisburg University, Cheney University, Coppin State, Norfolk State University, and the University of the District of Columbia Community College.

Isaiah Scott—11th grade


Isaiah has shown much growth this year.  He is well on his way to becoming an outstanding leader in our IDEA community. Isaiah is a perfect example of a student that abides by our Guiding Five. He comes to class prepared to learn and to do his best. Isaiah is a leader in the classroom, often assisting the teacher with various tasks. He respects himself and others. There are times Isaiah will correct his peers and encourage them to do the right thing. He takes responsibility for his actions, and when he finds himself in the wrong, he apologizes and redirects himself.

Aviyanna Green—10th grade


Aviyanna is a self-motivated young lady who has achieved excellence since she arrived at IDEA. She emerged as a student leader the summer before her 9th grade year. She has taken a major interest in JROTC and is constantly a top performer in every class. She has received awards for math and English. In the first quarter she earned a GPA of a 3.5 or higher, which made her eligible for the Principal's Honor Roll.

Kendi Trejos—9th grade


Kendi is a hard-working student. She displays the Guiding 5 Principles by coming to school ready to learn and prepared for classes. She successfully transitioned from moving to the US and previously speaking only Spanish and become a fluent English speaker. She is always pleasant and well received by all of her peers.

September Scholars of the Month

Here’s what IDEA teachers and staff had to say about our September scholars of the month:

Caya Flythe—12th grade

“Caya was selected for being a consummate scholar. She is on time, dependable, and hungry and thirsty for knowledge. Caya has her eyes on meeting all her short-range goals and a plan to get there.She currently volunteers with the Metropolitan Police Department Fifth District as an event planner for senior citizens and youth.”

Jada Freeman--11th grade
"Diligent is defined as having or showing care and conscientiousness in one's work or duties or being industrious and hard-working. Another way to define it would be Jada Freeman. She exemplifies this and many other qualities that are part of IDEA's Guiding Five Principles, like showing respect, being prepared, and being a team player. She is outstanding person and student who continues to grow."
Justin Davis--10th grade
"Justin demonstrates maturity in his behavior and has shown significant growth throughout his time at IDEA. He loves participating in JROTC and is committed to the JROTC ideals. Justin is very focused and works to change his environment for the better."

DeNay Barnes—9th grade

“DeNay is a wonderful student to have in class. She participates with thoughtful things to say and works hard at everything she does. DeNay works great with everyone in the class and is a diligent worker. She is a creative student and an outstanding role model for her classmates with her positive attitude and great work ethic. She is truly a joy to have in class!”

October Staff Members of the Month
Chosen by their peers, these individuals embody IDEA's five guiding principles and are role models for staff and scholars alike.

Teacher of the Month Arianna Ashton, English Teacher


Ms. Ashton has created tools around writing and assessing on timed writing tasks. She celebrates her scholars, creates a strong classroom culture that responds to her, and works with both 9th and 10th grade English teams meeting and exceeding expectations.

Administrator of the Month: Lori Briscoe, 12th Grade Dean

Ms. Briscoe has worked tirelessly collaborating with instructors and other leaders to ensure that our scholars are career and college ready. To date she has tracked to push us past our benchmark for Quarter 2 with 38 college acceptances for our seniors.

Operations Team Member of the Month: Kester Gregorio, Facilities Manager


For your endless and fearless dedication to the team, the work, and the students, we appreciate and salute you. Kester manages a team of six and provides facilities, janitorial, and IT support wherever needed.

September Staff Members of the Month
Chosen by their peers, these individuals embody IDEA's five guiding principles and are role models for staff and scholars alike.
Teacher of the Month: Natalie Hinds
Here's what IDEA staff members had to say about Ms. Hinds:
  • "She has extraordinarily high expectations for herself and for her students."
  • "Her preparation and reflection around data are unparalleled."
  • "Her leadership in preparing for and teaching the Hamilton curriculum, helping scholars with their performances, and leading scholars and staff on the field trip to the Kennedy Center was outstanding."
Congratulations Ms. Hinds and thank you for your dedication to IDEA!
Administrator of the Month: Morrell Miles
Here's what IDEA staff members had to say about Mr. Miles:
  • "Mr. Miles is a model for positive contributions to school culture."
  • "He redirects students with emphasis and heart."
  • "He always checks to make sure classes are going well and helps keep the ninth and tenth grade hall clear during transitions."
Congratulations Mr. Miles and thank you for your dedication to IDEA!
Operations Team Member of the Month: Trina Sweet
Here's what IDEA staff members had to say about Ms. Sweet:
  • "She takes great initiative to get the job done."
  • "She always smiles!"
  • "She collaborates with the team!"
Congratulations Ms. Sweet and thank you for your dedication to IDEA!