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Athletic Eligibility Policy

Athletic Eligibility Policy

IDEA Public Charter School complies with the following DC State Athletic Association (DCSAA) eligibility regulations for academics, participation, and attendance:

  • DCMR A § 2701.4(n) and (o): A student in grade nine (9), ten (10), eleven (11), or twelve (12), in regular education and career development programs or in Level I and Level II programs of the continuum of services available to special education students, shall have a grade point average of at least 2.0 (“C”).
  • DCMR A § 2701.8: A student who is ineligible to participate in interscholastic athletics may not play, practice, or otherwise participate with a Public School sports team in the District of Columbia during the period of such ineligibility.
  • DCMR A §2701.4(m): A student shall maintain regular school attendance, having been present at least two-thirds (2/3) of the school days during the semester preceding the sport season and have no more than three (3) unexcused absences during the season of participation. Completion of a summer school program shall not be counted as a semester of attendance for the purposes of establishing eligibility pursuant to this subsection.
  • The required 2.0 GPA is determined by the preceding quarter’s grades or the first progress reports issued for new-to-IDEA students, including first-time ninth graders. From then on, eligibility will be re-evaluated after every report card at the close of quarter grades.
  • In addition to this 2.0 GPA, failure in any credit-bearing course requires corrective action for the scholar athlete to participate and students may be “benched” at the discretion of the school for any individual practice, scrimmage, game, or team travel if corrective action is not demonstrated.

Corrective action is intended to ensure that IDEA scholar athletes:

  1. Pass all classes such that they are on-track to graduate, and
  2. Remain eligible through the entire season and future seasons.

Corrective action may include any or all of the following, or another individualized plan documented between IDEA administration and the athlete’s parent/guardian(s):

  1. Before and/or after-school tutoring
  2. Saturday school
  3. Mandatory study hall

A scholar athlete no longer needs corrective action when they demonstrate no course failures at any given time. It is the responsibility of the scholar athlete to provide such documentation to the athletic director and/or school administration. This documentation may consist of an email from the teacher, a PowerSchool report, or a progress report.

Finally, IDEA scholar athletes must also abide by IDEA’s Code of Conduct, consistently demonstrating the five guiding principles. Scholars who fail to do so may be “benched” at the discretion of the school for any individual practice, scrimmage, game, or team travel. Such action must be taken in accordance with school disciplinary policies and procedures according to expectations outlined in the Student and Family Handbook.

College Athletics

Scholar-athletes who aspire to participate in intercollegiate athletics at NCAA Division I or Division II schools must complete a file and application with the NCAA Eligibility Center. The Eligibility Center provides all the necessary information and forms for prospective scholar-athletes and their parents to complete online. The NCAA Eligibility Center provides information about requirements for current high school students who wish to be eligible to participate in sports during their first year of college and guidelines that college coaches and prospective athletes must follow during the recruitment process. Click here to learn more.