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Career Expo Opens New Futures to IDEA Scholars

IDEA scholars had the opportunity to learn from experts in a variety of careers during our recent Career Expo, held online February 23-25.

Our speakers included:

Bianca Turner talked about how she kept her company thriving in the pandemic.

Karla Evans discussed the role of pharmacists in community health.

Peter Camacho, IDEA's PE teacher, is also a multifaceted entrepreneur, who operates his own graphic design business and works as a chef!

Caroline Kenney discussed her career as an urban planner and how she oversees commercial real estate projects in the DMV worth over $3 billion.

Charles Wright, who shared how his career as a Refugee and Asylum Officer with the Department of Homeland Security has taken him to countries all around the world. 

Professor Darell Holnes shared his writing process, what inspires him and his latest project, "Black Feminist Video Game," which is a digital play production about a high school boy who has autism and goes on a first date that doesn't go well. His date tells him he needs to become a better feminist, which sets him off on an adventure.

Jocelyn Short shared how being a concept artist is like being a superhero because she helps bring a writer's vision to life through her art. 

Sabrae Demby shared how she became a top barber in her field and overcame challenges and stigma to be successful. 

Twain Carter shared how he has become successful in the technology field. 

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