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Saturday School Provides Critical Opportunity for Scholars to Boost Grades

Saturday School at IDEA, typically held twice a month, provides scholars with the opportunity to make up missing work and receive enrichment support from classroom teachers. Teachers sign up in advance to offer support during Saturday School. This allows us to inform our scholars and families as to which teachers and classes will be supported and to ensure that comprehensive instructions and planning takes place prior to Saturday.

All teachers leave work in folders for each of their classes so that even if they are not present, their scholars are able to complete any missing work. In Quarter 1 we were able to offer specialized enrichment. including SAT preparation for seniors and community service activities.

Comparing attendance from Quarter 1 and Quarter 2, we saw an increase in numbers in Quarter 2 of 9th, 10th and 11th grade scholars. There was a 14% increase for the 9th graders, a 15% increase for the 10th grade and a 4% increase for the 11th grade. 
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