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Congratulations to our November Scholars of the Month!

Renae’ Roach | 12th Grade

Renae’ is the turnaround kid. Renae’ has decided that she has goals and aspirations regardless of what it may look like to outsiders. She is determined and focused on succeeding. Renae’ has fostered meaningful relationships with staff and her peers. Although she has had her share of dark days and clouds, each day she enters the building she allows the sun to shine through her. She is always lending a helping hand, sharing her story with other scholars who may feel as if there is no hope. Not only has Renae’ been accepted into three colleges so far and did well on the SAT test, but she also is currently on the Principal’s Honor Roll. Her future looks both bright and promising. Renae’ guides with five every day. 

Skyler Wood | 11th Grade 

Skyler Wood has taken her new school by storm. She's regularly one of the most attentive, engaged, and conscientious scholars in class, and she brings a unique perspective to class discussions. Her tenacity when she tackles difficult tasks is top notch. Her teachers and peers alike appreciate her positive attitude and genuine good nature.

Darrien Ruth | 10th Grade 

Darrien is an exceptional example of a diligent worker who takes everything he does above and beyond expectations. He actively participates in group discussions and can often be relied on to know the answer to a difficult question when nobody else does. Darrien produces high level of quality and effort with all he does. In addition to working well with others, he adds positive energy to the academic environment. Darrien exemplifies what it means to guide with five.

Donya Pimble | 9th Grade 

Donya is a hard worker, especially in Algebra 1 and Math Resource. He is adored by his teachers and strives to improve by asking questions and using his resources. He has shown improvement throughout this year both in academics and confidence. Donya is prepared, respectful toward his teachers and peers, and with a little encouragement is responsible for his work and his assignments. We are very proud of him!  


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