Junior ROTC

Junior ROTC is a program of the United States Army designed to motivate young people to become better citizens. IDEA PCS believes that participation in JROTC instills in students strong leadership abilities, good character, a commitment to service, and an understanding of the importance of outstanding citizenship in their communities. While some students who participate in JROTC may go on to military service after high school or after college, the skills acquired in JROTC will prepare all students for success.


IDEA PCS’ JROTC unit has been designated an Honor Unit by the US Army JROTC governing body. Individual cadets are recognized for their achievements with medals and ribbons that are added to their uniforms. Download the list of JROTC ribbons and medals.


The JROTC program is led by Major Terrence Lewis. To learn more, contact Maj. Lewis at lewist@ideapcs.org.