How to Help

Anyone who has been a student, parent, instructor, or friend of IDEA Public Charter School knows that this school has a special place in their hearts, because of the positive impact that it has had in their lives.  As we now enter our 15th consecutive year of operations, IDEA continues to be an innovative charter school whose unique programs prepare students for the career paths of their choice.

As we move forward into the 2013-2014 school year, I am heartened and reminded every day that all staff and administrators take education here seriously, so much that no obstacle is impassable, no challenge too hard to overcome. We believe this for the future of IDEA and impart it to our students in their endeavor to realize academic excellence.

IDEA’s development office does more than fundraising–we help advance IDEA’s mission and vision by securing all types of resources the school needs to operate and expand well beyond the next 15 years.  As we work with students, staff, IDEA’s board, and other key stakeholders, we take great pride in our plans to prepare students to embrace the next wave of technological innovation and a commitment to service to others, the foundation on which our community and our country will move, grow, and thrive.  With this charge, we invite you to come to our campus to teach a master class, attend our Founder’s Day dinner, volunteer, attend our Community Day, or hire one of our students for summer work.

We hope that you will visit IDEA soon and experience the devotion and dedication our family of students, teachers, and administrators demonstrate every day.

Thank you for your supporJoe Greent and interest.

Joe Green

Director of Development