9th Grade Students Gear Up for Achievement Incentive Trip to Bowl at Bolling Air Force Base

On Friday, February 22 IDEA PCS will be taking students to bowl at Bolling Air Force Base for their second academic incentive trip based on students’ performance during interim testing. Students who qualified for this incentive met what the ninth grade team calls the 3 Ps: they were present, punctual, and performed well on either their math or English interim assessment.

This trip marks the second of three trips for ninth graders showing growth of at least 10% from Interim 2 to Interim 3.  Although many students showed improved growth of more than 10%, this percentage makes students eligible for the incentive. There were a total of 22 ninth graders who showed growth from Interim 1 to Interim 2 who participated in the last incentive trip to go bowling. The trip was such a success and students had such a blast that the ninth grade team of teachers decided to repeat this incentive.

There are 26 students eligible for the bowling incentive this time around and 6 of those students participated in the last trip. Students are getting prepared to take interim 4 in two weeks, but the buzz is already happening with students talking about improving their scores in order to go on the next trip.