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Requirements for Graduation

IDEA Course IDEA Graduation Requirements,
Number of Carnegie Units
English 4.0
Foreign Language 2.0
Mathematics 4.0
Science 4.0
Health and Physical Education 1.5
History/Social Studies 4.0
Art 0.5
Music 0.5
(JROTC, Microsoft Academy, architectural design, construction trades)
Total 24.0
Promotion and Retention Policies

IDEA believes that students’ school performance is a significant measure of what they’ve learned. For a student to succeed at increasing higher levels of school, he or she needs to have a sufficient foundation at his or her present level. IDEA believes it is in a student’s interest to build a substantial academic foundation before advancing to higher academic levels.
English Credits
Other Credits
Community Service Hours
Credits for Year
Required Credits + Recommended Community Service Hours
Grade 9 to 10
English 1
Algebra 1 AND World History 1 OR Science
5 +25 hours
Grade 10 to 11
English 2
Geometry AND World History 2 OR Biology
9 +50 hours
Grade 11 to 12
English 3
Algebra 2, Spanish 1, US History OR Science
16 +75 hours
Grade 12 to graduate
English 4
25 (100 total)
24 +100 hours
Accordingly, students must meet applicable academic, community service, and discipline standards in order to be promoted to the next grade level. All students meeting these benchmarks are automatically candidates for promotion. Students who do not meet these criteria may become candidates for retention.


If a student fails two or more core classes, s/he will be retained at the present grade level. Core classes include English, mathematics, social studies, science, and Spanish.

To receive a diploma, seniors must meet all graduation requirements.